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Conversion Solutions

Newspaper Digitization

Contentra Technologies is an industry leader in the digitization of archived historical newspapers and journals. We partner with several newspaper publishers, national libraries, aggregators, and university and state libraries to create customized solutions to suit each of their specific needs (such as METS and ALTO conversions). Contentra Technologies plays a significant, active role in the archival digitization and digital preservation movement.

We have also been a leading provider of time-driven services to media monitoring agencies, newspaper publishers, content aggregators, and licensing agencies across the UK, Europe, US, and Asia Pacific regions. Contentra utilizes state-of-the-art third-party and in-house software to execute and meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.

What Contentra’s newspaper digitization team can do for you:

  • Convert historical collections from microfilm or paper sources or process born digital newsfeeds

  • De-speckle, de-skew, align, and crop images at scale

  • Create searchable text from high-resolution images, integrating the use of OCR software in our segmentation workflow

  • Assign metadata for each issue, page, and article to improve search ability or republishing

  • Produce required XML files and formats for required ingestion and digital publishing

  • Develop ingestion and management of the CMS, content repositories, and WEB portals

Newspaper Digitization
Conversion Services

Conversion Services

Contentra offers a wide variety of end-to-end digital solutions and content conversion services. From preparing mobile content with rich media features and interactivity for eReader devices to converting Word, images, and PDF files to a variety of XML formats, we assist educational institutions in converting accurate content, through our ePub conversion services, in accordance with their requirements and to their satisfaction.

What Contentra’s conversion services team can do for you:

  • Enhanced eBooks with rich media features, such as audio, video, and interactivity

  • eBook creation and conversion into formats including ePub, KF8, and iBooks Author

  • InDesign to ePub

  • Flash to HTML5 repurposing and production

  • ePub files with embedded video and ePub with embedded audio

  • Fixed layout ePub

  • Books as a mobile app

  • Photo archive conversion

  • Flash to HTML5 repurposing and production

  • Digital E-learning media production


Contentra provides full-scale assistance in converting complex digital documents into accessible formats. Often these are documents that have been converted to Portable Document Format (PDF), and the original document may no longer be available. 

We undertake mass conversion of books and documents into a range of alternate media, including audio books (MP3, NIMAS, and DAISY), ebooks (EPUB, EPUB3, and Mobi), and digital Braille. Contentra can also convert inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible and less tricky formats. Such requests often come from organizations and institutions that have a large volume of these types of documents and that lack the time and skilled personnel to successfully convert digital documents into accessible digital documents. 

As a global leader in document accessibility, our team provides software products and professional services to enable faster, more cost-efficient, and more reliable processes for achieving compliance with the leading PDF and document accessibility standards.

What Contentra’s accessibility team can do for you:

  • Generate NIMAS-compliant XML and XHTML files

  • Generate DAISY-compliant XML and XHTML files

  • Repair or remediate your collections and documents to meet WCAG and 508 compliance standards

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