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Contentra Technologies Welcomes Shelley Evans-Marshall as Editorial Director, ELA


January 9, 2023

Cincinnati, Ohio. Contentra Technologies, one of the most respected companies in the business of editorial and project support for K–12 education publishers, welcomes Shelley Evans-Marshall as the Director of English Language Arts. 


Evans-Marshall brings over three decades of education experience, including 12 years as a classroom ELA teacher and more than 20 years working in education publishing.


“Shelley has led successful ELA teams and brings an abundance of hands-on experience, be it in literacy work, ELL efforts, or with writing projects,” notes Contentra CEO Bill Faber.


Evans-Marshall is a strong believer that the abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and make connections among sources of information are essential skills for work and life. She has also been quoted as saying, “If I could do one thing in education, I’d write lesson plans. That’s where curriculum and creativity come to life.”


Shelley has also been a frequent speaker at education conferences, with a focus on making curriculum easier for classroom teachers to implement.


Faber adds, “We’re thrilled to bring someone as respected as Shelley to our team. Her leadership, production experience, and breadth of expertise are exceptional and will be invaluable to supporting our clients.”

About Contentra Technologies


Since 2006, Contentra has been at the forefront of content transformation. Our team of expert content editors and writers partners with publishers to develop high-quality, engaging, and meaningful content for English language arts, science, and social studies. Our team can enter seamlessly into any phase of a project or products with immediate turnaround.


Contentra also offers a wide range of content conversion and print and digital content development services to leading national libraries, educational publishers, digital news media, aggregators, governments, and corporations across the world. Our content conversion teams provide specialized solutions for mass content conversion, clipping, and transformations from legacy or born digital formats such as hard copy, images, PDFs, or microfilms. Our technology-driven production processes enable us to republish content into sophisticated ePubs, XMLs, and many other formats for digital and mobile platforms.

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