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Shelley Evans-Marshall, MA comes from a professional background in both classroom teaching and educational publishing. She brings more than 30 years of experience in the development of print and digital educational products to her position as Editorial Director—English Language Arts for Contentra Technologies. Her focus is on the intersection where clients, teachers, and students meet to grow problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. She began her career in the classroom, where she taught middle school English, high school English, and college composition for nearly 20 years. She made the transition to educational publishing first at the Mazer Corporation, where she worked as a content editor. Evans-Marshall then worked as an educational freelance writer and content editor before joining Six Red Marbles as an Executive Editor. Evans-Marshall is also the author of the Molly and Ben character education series published by Enslow.

More about Shelley

When not at the office, you can find Shelley going to a wine-tasting event, spending time with her three daughters and four cats, or binge-watching a popular series.

Why Educational Publishing?

Shelley believes that education is a democratizing force in society, and she is an advocate for underrepresented voices. She also believes in the abilities of all students to excel when invited into the right space with the right materials and the right teacher. For Shelley, educational publishing was a natural step from classroom teaching, giving her the ability to impact learners beyond a single campus. 

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