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Contentra Technologies Appoints Bill Faber Chief Executive Officer


September 13, 2022

Cincinnati, Ohio. Contentra Technologies announced today that Bill Faber, Senior Vice President, has been appointed new CEO of the company.


Bill brings over 35 years of experience in the educational publishing realm to Contentra. His energy and passion for his work is contagious, as is his firm belief that customer satisfaction and effective communication lead to long-term partnerships with clients. During his career, he has managed day-to-day operations, and he has developed and managed sales organizations. Prior to joining Contentra, Bill was Senior Vice President of Business Development for Element-Thomson, a position he also held at PreMedia Global. Bill has also served as Vice President of Operations for Peter Li, Inc. and held senior management positions in operations and sales while with the Mazer Corporation.


Board of Directors member, Sourav Chatterjee said, “Bill has been guiding the company since he joined Contentra in 2014, doing an excellent job, making this an easy decision for the board.”


“I’ve been one of those lucky few who can honestly say I love what I do. Each day presents another opportunity to learn something new, academically, technically, operationally, or financially. We work daily with market-leading educational publishers and their talent, and they rely on the experienced team here at Contentra to execute their vision. My job is supporting both those initiatives so that everyone is in the best position to succeed,” said Faber. “The team here at Contentra works hard to earn client trust; our clients know when we say yes to a project it’s because we can do it. And when we tell them no, they know we really can’t. That’s trust they cherish. That confidence, that trust, it’s a big reason why we continue to add services that align and support our clients; it’s key to our strategic growth plans” added Faber.

About Contentra Technologies


Since 2006, Contentra has been at the forefront of content transformation. Our team of expert content editors and writers partners with publishers to develop high-quality, engaging, and meaningful content for English language arts, science, and social studies. Our team can enter seamlessly into any phase of a project or products with immediate turnaround.


Contentra also offers a wide range of content conversion and print and digital content development services to leading national libraries, educational publishers, digital news media, aggregators, governments, and corporations across the world. Our content conversion teams provide specialized solutions for mass content conversion, clipping, and transformations from legacy or born digital formats such as hard copy, images, PDFs, or microfilms. Our technology-driven production processes enable us to republish content into sophisticated ePubs, XMLs, and many other formats for digital and mobile platforms.

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